OC Websites


If you're looking to create or revamp a website for your Orange County business, it's important to make sure your site follows the latest web design trends to engage users. From bold colors to mobile responsiveness, here are some of the top website design elements that designers in OC are focused on right now.

Trend 1: Bold and Vibrant Colors Many Orange County website designers are moving away from minimalist, black and white color schemes and embracing vibrant and bold colors instead. Using eye-catching shades like orange, green, or purple can help grab user attention while also conveying brand personality. Just be sure colors complement each other and text stands out clearly against colorful backgrounds.

Trend 2: Mobile Responsiveness With more and more web browsing happening on phones and tablets, having a mobile-friendly, responsive site is crucial for Orange County businesses. Sites should reformat seamlessly on smaller screens and use gestures like swiping and tapping. Check that site pages and features function properly when scaled down.

Trend 3: Minimalist Design While color is trending up, many OC website designers are still opting for minimalist layouts focused on clean lines, plenty of white space, and simple navigation. Streamlining and decluttering the layout enhances usability. Creative use of high-quality images can also balance out minimalist sites.

Trend 4: Custom Illustrations and Graphics Incorporating custom illustrations, animations, and other graphic elements into websites is a huge trend right now. Icons, animations, and other graphics help convey brand personality and make content more visually engaging. Just be sure graphics tie into your brand identity and overall site aesthetic.

When designing a new website, Orange County businesses should focus on leveraging bold colors, ensuring mobile-friendliness, streamlining the layout, and integrating custom graphics. Following these trends can help your site stand out and connect with users. With the right web design partner, you can bring your vision to life. Let me know if you would like me to expand or modify anything in this draft blog post! I can provide additional details and tips on web design in OC.

If you are a business looking for a company to design your website, schedule a time with us so we can discuss how we can create an amazing website you and your clients will love.